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About Fiona

Fiona was born in Anlaby, Hull on 13th August 1966, the eldest daughter to Pauline and Malcolm Duncan and sister to James and Siobhan. Attending Swanland Primary School until the age of ten, the family then moved to the village of North Ferriby, West of Hull.  At the age of eleven Fee started School at Rise Hall Convent School for Girls.  Fee loved her time at Rise, a small, friendly supportive school.  A popular student, she became captain of the hockey team and played tennis for the county.  A young girl who loved adventure, she joined the Sail Training Association and crewed The Malcolm Miller, Tall Ship on a trip to the South of France, in the summer before attending University

At Newcastle University she was one of only four girls reading Chemical Engineering. Throughout her life she worked in almost exclusively male work places, often to her frustration and amusement. Her preference for engineering, however, indicated her practical skills and she took on the most domestic DIY tasks and retained an attention to detail that was almost intimidating. At University she met some of her life long friends. She loved her life in Newcastle and always talked fondly of the hazy memories she retained from those carefree days.

After briefly working in London she started work in Birmingham in the late 1980’s where she met her friend Clare and through Clare she came to meet a large group of friends mostly based in Manchester. In 1991 she moved to Manchester and after a brief stay in Salford she moved to Chorlton living with Martin in Acres Road, then Chequers Road and most recently on Meadow Bank.

In 1999 she married Martin. Joseph was born in December 2000 and Patrick in July 2003. Both attended William Hulme Nursery school on Wilbraham Road before entering St. John’s Primary School.

Fiona has been a parent fully involved in the life in and around the school and the Church. This is how she met many of her dearest friends with whom she has drunk coffee at the Barbakan on countless occasions. It was her wish for her boys to be brought up within the love and support of this community.

Many of Fiona’s happiest days were spent in the Menorcan village of Macaret where she bought a beach-side apartment with Martin in 2002. Joseph and Patrick have spent most of their summers, and many other holidays there.

Fiona was struck down with breast cancer in August 2010. The disease was ferocious and eluded all attempts at treatment. In her last year she took a battering from medication, surgery and above all the unstoppable progress of the disease. Fiona dealt with all this with bravery and where possible good humour. She was rarely given to self pity and above all she maintained a dignity that was humbling to all who knew her.

She died peacefully in her sleep and that is some consolation to us all but she died too soon, too suddenly and too young. Her memory will be an inspiration for her family, friends and particularly Joseph and Patrick. Her legacy will be the humour, hard work and love she took with her wherever she went. She will be terribly missed.